Bank phone number is not valid due to R&AW/CBI call diversion

Many banks are telling their customers to give a missed call to a specified number to find out the balance in the account, However the phone calls of some citizens are diverted to R&AW/CBI employees without a legally valid reason, so they get the message that the number is not a valid number.
The problem was faced in panaji, goa on 29 May 2017, 30 may 2017, wasting the time of a harmless indian citizen.
How has checking the bank balance become a matter of national security can anyone clarify , if R&AW/CBI employees cannot monitor the phone, why divert the phone call.

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Learn How To Do Much More With Your Machines

Companies that utilize injection molding will have to ensure their personnel recognize precisely how to make use of the devices. Nevertheless, merely being aware of the basic principles of just how to make use of the equipment will not be sufficient. Employers are likely to want to ensure their employees recognize just how to make use of the machines thoroughly in order to make it a lot easier as well as faster for the work to be finished. To do that, employers can have to check into decoupled molding training they’re able to take to understand far more regarding the process as well as how their machines are likely to function.

Anytime an employee takes scientific molding training, they’re going to be practicing with an expert who comprehends the devices comprehensively and also could describe everything to the staff. They’re going to obtain detailed training, examples, and will be able to practice just what they understand with their own devices. This will be significant since it ensures they will study the material and know a lot more with regards to precisely how to utilize the equipment they will work with every day. This will present the organization with significantly less waste materials, less outages, far better productivity, and far more. It additionally assures the workers understand just how to be safe when using the machines and also what to do in case something goes completely wrong.

Even though virtually any coaching will be beneficial, expert injection molding training will likely be far better as it enables the personnel to ask questions and understand as much as is feasible from an expert. They can learn far more in this type of environment than they might just watching video lessons as well as could understand more with regards to exactly what the specialist could do in certain scenarios to enable them to understand what to do if it takes place when they’re working. This lets them fully understand the machines they may be utilizing, not simply virtually any machine in a video, and also may provide them with the resources they will require to do better at their occupation.

If perhaps you want your workers to do a lot more and to have a better comprehension of their particular position, be sure you’re going to browse the injection molding seminars today. They will be able to obtain plenty of info within the seminars and also lessons that they could utilize anytime they’re at work. Obtain much more information today in order to understand precisely how beneficial these courses might be for your employees and company.

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paypal Bank SMS again deleted

In a clear indication of harassment and abuse of power by R&AW/CBI employees in panaji, goa , the bank sms will details of the paypal credit to the account, was deleted on 5 May 2017 . Though the google, tata sponsored lazy fraud goan gsb R&AW/CBI employees housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar faking a btech 1993 ee degree do not do any work online and also do not invest any money online due the google, tata masterminded online fraud these lazy greedy greedy goan frauds have got great powers and are getting a monthly indian government salary.
Like the aamir khan 2009 movie “3 Idiots” the google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud R&AW/CBi employees riddhi siddhi, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar,obc bhandari sex worker sunaina, naina and other indian intelligence employees were too lazy and mediocre to answer JEE, yet have stolen the btech 1993 ee degree, resume of a single woman obc engineer, to get a monthly indian government salary.

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Till diversion/theft of smses, phone calls of .in domain investors ends, NIXI advertising will be wasted

There has been almost no increase in the number of .in registrations in the last year according to some domain investors. So to increase the number of .in registrations, NIXI the .in registry has been advertising extensively on Times Now. However NIXI is only wasting its money advertising on Times Now, because some domain investors will not invest in .in domain names, because ntro, cbi, security agencies are involved in endless atrocities on .in domain investors , making fake allegations without any proof, stealing their resume, retirement savings, correspondence including smses/phone calls without a court order or legally valid reason .

In panaji, goa, india’s largest female domain investor , who has registered .in domain names since 2005, finds that she is being subjected to endless atrocities , her phone calls, smses diverted to the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence agency employees who are allegedly impersonating her to get a monthly indian government salary at her expense.

Every other citizen can make and receive phone calls freely, just because the domain investor has invested her hard earned money in .in domain names, NTRO, CBi and other government employees are denying her fundamental right to communicate freely, to privacy and to earn a fair living . Why should a domain investor , invest money in .in domain names, only to be held a virtual prisoner can anyone in NIXI explain?

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SMSes blocked in Kashmir

To reduce the unrest, the indian government has blocked SMSes in Kashmir. It would be interesting how they have blocked the smses, what kind of technology they are using.
Have they told the telecom companies to ensure that their server does not forward their smses to the recipient in Kashmir.
Are all the smses diverted to R&AW/NTRO employees
Are outgoing smses also blocked
Any kind of information will be greatly appreciated.

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R&AW/CBI employees manipulating landline conversations also

Though R&AW/CBI employees are manipulating mobile conversations, they are also tampering with landline conversations also. For example on 23 April 2017, while the domain investor was speaking with a relative, she said that she would be reaching goa at around 6 pm.

However the R&AW/CBI employees who are monitoring and manipulating the conversation changed the timing to 10 pm in a clear case of abuse of power for harassing a harmless citizen. When the domain investor reached goa, the relative was very surprised, he said that he had heard the timing as 10 pm, clearly indicating that ntro, cbi, raw are also now manipulating the landline conversation also.

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Make Sure You’ll Be Able To Search Through Your Own Company Data

Typically, organizations have networking systems to be able to permit them to share documents among computers so they’re able to access what they’ll need from anyplace. The advantage of this is having a chance to get the info no matter where the worker is, however the drawback could be finding the details they’ll need to have quickly. For significant amounts of data, a company owner might have implemented google search appliance in the past. Nevertheless, they may desire to contemplate additional choices that let them accomplish the exact same thing and also have further advantages.

The google search box may be employed for a organization in order to let them look through all of the paperwork securely, yet it will have restrictions. The individual can exclusively gain access to what’s on the website, for example, or exactly what has recently been indexed. Those companies who desire to have the capacity to get connected to other search possibilities for their business or even who wish to ensure all things are indexed speedily may wish to take into account alternate options to this as well as can want to move to the new one as effortlessly as possible.

It’s possible for a business owner to decide on a new search appliance, but frequently they will be worried about just how long it may take to be able to relocate from GSA and also what they’ll have to achieve in order to do this. They may stress about having the search be inaccessible for the time period of the migration also because this is something they will have to have in order to run the business. However, when they’ll select the correct search appliance to proceed to, they are going to find this is simple to attain and also much of the work is actually accomplished for them speedily and also automatically to be able to minimize virtually any downtime. What this means is it will likely be easy for them to be able to change to a whole new search appliance without interrupting the business.

In case you want to switch to a new search appliance, you could be in the position to be given a number of advantages that you’re not yet getting. Take some time now to learn a lot more with regards to the choices you’ll have and precisely how effortless the Google Search Appliance migration may be. This could be the way for you to actually receive all of the services you’ll need to have rapidly and easily, without having a tremendous amount of outages while you move to the brand new search appliance.

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SMSes again stolen on 15 April 2017 in panaji, goa by R&AW/CBI employees

As part of the harassment campaign allegedly launched by google, tata, SMSes were again stolen on 15 April 2017 in panaji, goa by R&AW/CBI employees freelancing for google, tata
A cheque deposited in a bank was cleared, yet no sms was delivered
A payment was made with the icici credit card, again no sms was delivered
Usually the smses are stored in the sms server and delivered to the mobile phone when it is switched on .
However on 15 April 2017, no sms was delivered , indicated that the R&AW/CBI employees in panaji, goa deleted the smses

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Mediocre lazy frauds are given great powers in India, control mobile networks

In most wealthy countries, usually the most competent people are given great powers allowed to take decisions so that they can help in the growth of the country. However in india, the greedy large corporates allegedly google, tata have ensured that great powers and top indian government jobs are reserved for sex workers, cheater housewives and other well connected frauds faking their resume whose greatest real achievement is having SEX with top indian government employees, having powerful fraud friends and relatives .
These sex worker, fraud indian government employees then regulate all the correspondence of harmless indian citizens, stealing smses,postal mail, blocking phone calls out of malice and hatred so that they can get a monthly indian government salary for doing nothing
India is the only countries where sex workers and frauds are considered to be experienced engineers for indian government records

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Diverting phone calls, smses pretending to help

One of the greatest frauds is how a domain investor is finding that her phone calls, smses are diverted and stolen by the cunning fraud ntro employees puneet, vijay, j srinivasan, who are falsely claiming to help her. They initially claimed that by isolating the domain investor, diverting and stealing phone calls, smses , they would ensure that no cases would be filed against her . However it is increasingly clear after 7 years that no person has any proof at all, to file any case against the harmless domain investor , and there is no reason why the smses, phone calls of the domain investor should be diverted.
However the google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees especially goan frauds riddhi siddhi sunaina, ruchika found that stealing smses, phone calls are a very lucrative racket and after 7 years they are not willing to end the racket , denying the engineer and domain investor her fundamental right to freedom

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