Domain investors in india are punished, treated worse than criminals just because they made the mistake of registering domains without being well connected. Their incoming and outgoing phone calls are diverted to R&AW/CBI employees falsely claiming national security , however it is very inconvenient for the domain investor whose phone calls are being monitored.
The R&AW/CBI employees are only monitoring phone calls on a part time basis, and are often too busy with their other activities to monitor or disallow the phone call. Often the phone calls are for simple activities like checking the bank balance, yet the busy cbi/raw employees are blocking the phone call, causing a waste of time for the domain investor
Often the domain investor has to make phone calls twice or thrice to reach a particular number, some time, they cannot contact anyone . If R&AW/CBI employees are so busy, why are some indian citizens not allowed to use their mobile phones for making outgoing phone calls.